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This Saturday, rally for education. We are the #powerofmany

This week, students said no, with a massive, province-wide student walkout. The OFL stands in solidarity with #studentssayno, and this Saturday April 6 at Queen’s Park, thousands of parents, educators and concerned community members are expected at the Rally for Education. The PCs are being faced with the #powerofmany. Equal Pay Day actions are planned across the province on April 9. Download a flyer and find an action in your area. The #PowerofMany campaign is going strong. April 15, join a Teleconference Town Hall to prepare for the Province-Wide Day of Action on April 17 in response to the provincial...

Budget doesn’t go far enough on pharmacare

Yesterday’s federal budget clears important obstacles from the path to national pharmacare. The 2019 budget allocates funding for a new federal drug agency. There is also new funding for drug coverage for rare diseases. But the federal government missed a key opportunity to commit to universal pharmacare. We all know that drug costs won’t come down unless there is one plan and one buyer. Millions of Canadians are struggling to afford their prescription medications. We need to speak up right now and tell the Finance Minister we expect much more. Let’s tell him why half measures are not going...

Tell Doug Ford today stop the leaked omnibus bill safeguard public health care

The Ontario Legislature reconvenes on Tuesday. We have 3 days to reach our local Members of Provincial Parliament, the Health Minister and Doug Ford to put on the pressure to stop the leaked omnibus health care legislation that would privatize and restructure our health care services. CLICK HERE TO SEND AN EMAIL TO DOUG FORD TODAY Please share this email with everyone you know and ask them to take a few minutes to send an email or make a phone call. If they hear from thousands of us, it will give them pause. ____ Urgent message to all members and...

Workers at Peel’s Butterfly dementia care project report they are physically and mentally exhausted

Workers at Peel’s Butterfly dementia care project report they are physically and mentally exhausted

With Peel Region expanding its “Butterfly” dementia care project to two more long-term care homes, direct care staff working on the Malton Village pilot site are speaking out publicly for the first time about the challenges they’ve faced to make the experiment a success. “There is widespread commitment among care staff to improve the quality of life for residents with dementia and make the Butterfly expansion work,” says Salil Arya, president of Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 966 which represents about 800 long-term care staff employed at four Peel Region homes.

Globe editorial: Let’s make 2019 the year Canada finally gets pharmacare

In 1964, after three years of study, Justice Emmett Hall, the Progressive Conservative judge and chair of the Royal Commission on Health Care Services, recommended that Canada create a system of universal health insurance. Politicians picked up the ball and ran with it, and for two generations we’ve had medicare. It’s not perfect but, compared with what came before, it’s an overwhelming success. Back in 1964, millions of Canadians were counting their pennies to pay the doctor; today, all Canadians are insured. Yet, medicare costs far less than the system in the United States, which leaves millions of Americans uninsured...

Let’s secure workplace pensions

Let’s secure workplace pensions

Working Canadians can take heart that a bigger CPP will now be waiting for them in retirement thanks to tireless advocacy of unions, seniors groups, anti-poverty organizations and others. Now it’s time to call on the feds to make sure corporations pay out employee pensions no matter what – including in cases of bankruptcy. Read More