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The government has an opportunity to provide decent work for generations to come through Bill 148. The Bill makes some significant changes, including raising the minimum wage to $15 in 2019, that will advance the cause of decent work. However, with a few amendments, the bill could safeguard decent work for future generations, said the Ontario Federation of Labour.

“In Bill 148, the government has shown its commitment to updating laws that are far behind the times,” said OFL President Chris Buckley. “Workers in this province are facing unfair conditions every day when they go to work, and it is this government’s job to make sure that’s no longer the case. Workers need fair standards, and they need fair access to their Charter right to join a union if they so choose,” added Buckley.

The OFL has called for sweeping changes to Labour and Employment laws in Ontario, to bring them up to date and halt the growth of precarious work by raising the floor for all workers, and making it easier to join a union.

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The past week, the big business lobby was out peddling the story that decent work and wages are bad for the economy. Seven decades of evidence disprove these myths. So far, thanks to your support and fast action, our elected representatives at Queen’s Park are not backing down [1] and some are even campaigning to strengthen Bill 148 [2]. In fact, within 24 hours of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce issuing its “report”, economists cast serious doubts on the numbers published [3, 4] and supporters sent letters to newspapers defending the benefits of $15 and Fairness [5].

We all know that the majority is with us — 2 out of every 3 people across Canada support a $15 minimum wage [6]. Here in Ontario, the movement has forced incredible labour law reforms (Bill 148) onto the political agenda, but we have not won them yet. Don’t let the Big Business lobby stop us now!

Jim, act now! share this video. Let’s make sure that everyone knows what’s at stake with Bill 148 [7]. When members of provincial parliament meet on Monday to review the legislation clause-by-clause, we want them to have the confidence to strengthen it — not give in to corporate demands to water it down.


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5 Facts About the NDP’s $15 Minimum Wage Strategy


Fact! Nobody who works a full time job should be forced to live in poverty.

Fact! A $15 federal minimum wage would directly help more than 100,000 workers across Canada – they deserve a raise.

Fact! It was the Liberals in 1996 under PM Jean Chretien that eliminated the federal minimum wage.

Fact! Raising the federal minimum wage would also provide leadership and encourage provinces to boost standards for all workers.

Fact! The Ontario Federation of Labour fully supports the NDP’s $15 Minimum wage.